KRISTEN & JOHN – That’s Amore, the great YES

Kavanis said: Some people arrive one day, an hour in which they have to say the Big Yes or the Big No […] who has the Yes ready: he says it and goes up again in his certainty and esteem.

For Kavanis that day is the day when one knows forever who he is. They are such important choices that regardless of whether they last a day or a whole life, they always determine a profound change in those who say that yes.

Two young Americans have decided to do it in Italy, more precisely in Sicily, a land of passions and traditions that tells the love of life in a simple and genuine way, which underlines the desire of those who want to plant deep roots in a fertile land.

The mastery of Alessia Santa in being able to materialize visions and desires, capable of attuning to the hearts of the spouses and Davide’s work in immortalizing the moments making them eternal did the rest in defining in that YES the new shared destiny of these two young people lives.