Sur-realist Dream

Vaporious clouds of gray fly lightly over blond golden hair. As a cartoon of a dream in power, the invitation is to seek the eyes of the child, the only look capable of redefining life under a rain of rainbows.

Magical and dreamy the brides of Elisabetta Polignano have been masterfully set in one of the most glamorous frames in the world, the city of fashion par excellence: Milan.

The renewed partnership between Polignano and Davide Bonaiti has given life, as always, to refined and elegant shots where movement and lightness are immortalized in moments of ecstasy.

Straight lines, vanishing points, within which the soft and sinuous lines of radiant brides float in contrast. Crystal drops mix and blend with the sketches of an invisible fountain, in an ancient but at the same time new and renewed dialectic game that this city has always been able to entertain with one of its closest friends: Fashion.