CLAUDIO & DONATO – What is love?

Ask a child and maybe he will answer you like this
Love is when someone hurts you and you are very angry, but you don’t scream not to make him cry. (Susanna, 5 years old)
or maybe so
When someone loves us, the way they say our name is different. We know that our name is safe in that mouth. (Luca, 4 years old)
Ask the poets and maybe they will answer you like this
…Even as a wheel that equally is moved. (Dante Alighieri)
Love cannot be said, it is unpronounceable it is an act in power, it is a full void, a deafening silence is to look so deeply into the darkness so as to see its light. It is in all places and at all times, it is all places and all times.
It is in that accomplice look, in that smile just mentioned is in the shots stolen by Davide Bonaiti ready to pay homage, with lucid and elegant sensitivity, to the privilege of being able to witness a lot of love.