Engagement ALICE and LORENZO – Marie Antoinette “I promise to be wrong”

The images of Sofia Coppola’s film on one of the most talked about and bizarre queens of all time, Marie Antoinette, inspired the pre-wedding shooting of our young spouses.

Between lace and pastel colors, in the splendid location of Villa Franciacorta, Alessia Santa gave shape to the dream made immortal by the shots of Davide Bonaiti.

The pre-wedding, like the preface of a book, anticipates by concealing rather than revealing what will later be the tale of the wedding day. It is not a “test” of what will happen but the “serious game” of a couple who begins to achieve the goal of marriage as the first chapter of a novel yet to be written. Beginning to make the only promise that, as Chagas Freitas argues, two lovers should sincerely make: promise to make mistakes.

“And in their embrace, in the midst of passers-by, promise to try, act, fall, make mistakes again. ‘I promise to be wrong,’ he said and she loved him forever”

(Pedro Chagas Freitas)