Exceptional location – When the waves of the Adriatic cry out “You are mine”

Venice! Guy de Maupassant used to say that this word alone seems to trigger an exaltation in the soul, excites everything that is poetic in us, unleashes all our faculties of admiration.
Water, light, gold, lace and marble lace, mystery and secrets that ignite desire, the result of incomplete knowledge. Saying your “yes” in Venice is like declaring that you do not want to know everything of the person you love but to accept it and welcome it as a mystery, a desire that is nourished by the continuous amazement of the other, a passion similar to that of the waves of the Adriatic which, as Kozlowski suggests to us, they burst into Venice shouting “You are mine”.
Sonia Petrazzi, refined wedding planner, tells about Venice through a video that collects the most exclusive places in the city. His keen eye leads us on a poetic and timeless journey.